3D Virtual Reality Rainforest
Original Virtual Reality Rainforest Design By: Jeffrey Bedrick

Move around totally immersed in a beautiful 3D environment.
You will need the Blaxxun 3d plug-in, download free.

Below, is a 2D screenshot from The Rainforest.

Explore A 3D Virtual Reality Rainforest
To download the 3D plug-in by Blaxxun, right click the link below,
and select Save Target As...
Blaxxun 3D Plug-in
After downloading, find the installer and click to Install.
Sorry, NO Macs, PC Only.
If you use FireFox, use the IE tab,
or use Internet Explorer Browser.

Once you have installed the 3D Plug-in,
click the Portal below to enter the Rainforest.

Click To Enter The 3D Rainforest
Use this portal to enter the 3D Rainforest.

The 3D Virtual Reality worlds are provided in support of:
National Wildlife Humane Society, and
Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary
NWHS/Top Of The Rock is a 501-(c)-3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization
dedicated to reducing animal suffering through action, education and wildlife sanctuary.
Return To National Wildlife Humane Society

Visit Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary

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