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December 15, 2012  
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NWHS WILDLIFE CONSERVATION ALLY SPOTLIGHT: NWHS would like to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our wildlife ally, CERCOPAN. CERCOPAN's Mission: To conserve Nigeria's primates through sustainable rainforest conservation, community partnerships, education, primate rehabilitation and research.
CERCOPAN's two education and primate rehabilitation centres are the focal points for the organization. One is located in Calabar (since 1995) and the other in Rhoko near Iko Esai (since 2003). Iko Esai is actively conserving approximately 12,000 hectares of community rainforest, including 400 hectares of core protected land within the Akamkpa Local Government Area (LGA) adjacent to Cross River National Park.
NWHS would like to invite our members to view CERCOPAN's alliance page at our website to learn more about their fine work, and assist if possible.
View - CERCOPAN's Ally Page & Video At NWHS

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Patrick D. Webb
President - National Wildlife Humane Society
Founder/Director - Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary


  In Memory of Fred Macaw
Source:NWHS - Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary

It has been a hard last 6 months for NWHS-TOR and my wife and I. We lost our friend Leon Rhodes (Corp Secretary, accountant and go-to guy) then Apache Tiger and now Fred, a female Green Wing Macaw. Fred was one of our earliest rescues, over 24 years ago. She was in extremely bad condition when we took her in so long ago. She came back strong and has shared our hearts and home for almost a quarter century. She was never any trouble, always healthy and her antics owned our hearts.

On Thursday evening, December 6, 2012, she looked sick. We took her to an avian vet near Fort Smith, early the next morning. They took many tests and went for surgery on Dec. 12. She had a ruptured egg inside her and died about 1 hour into the surgery. She had an entire large sunroom, with sliding glass doors for walls, as her enclosure. We will look at that room every day for the rest of our lives and think of her each and every day. She was far more than just a rescue animal to us. She was like a close family member.

There have been literally 100s of "wild ones" pass through our lives, but none like our "little girl" Fred Macaw. We made her a memorial page if you would like to visit...
View Fred Macaw's memorial page

Felicia at CERCOPAN
Felicia and Wizkid

Ten days ago, an expatís driver showed up at CERCOPAN's gate with a small putty-nosed monkey. He explained that the expat traveled back to his country, and in his absence, it seemed that workers in the factory where the little monkey was kept had abused her. The monkey was scared and did not use one of her back legs. Seeing she is a female, we changed her name from Felix to Felicia. Felicia soon got used to us, throwing big tantrums if she was put inside her travel box so we could get some work done! The first few nights, she was bottle-fed milk formula because she didnít understand how to drink from the bottle herself. She was less scared, but we felt sorry for her because she seemed quite lonely.

After two days, a Nigerian man showed up at CERCOPAN with another small putty-nosed guenon, Wizkid. The monkey is extremely skinny and small for his age - we are all surprised when the man tells us he has kept Wizkid for over 5 months! Wizkid's sister died a week previously, probably from malnutrition. Although skinny, Wizkid is an energetic little animal. Felicia does not know what is happening to her when we let him in her travel box! Felicia just sits and stares at Wizkid, who is continuously running around the enclosure.

It doesn't take long for them to adjust to each other and become best friends. Wizkid is eating well and taught Felicia to drink milk from the baby bottle...
View the rest of CERCOPAN's blogpost at Dr. Leakey's Wildlife Direct

NWHS NOTE: CERCOPAN is an NWHS wildlife conservation ally in the concern of primates in the rainforests of Nigeria and other conservation issues. Please visit the CERCOPAN ally page at NWHS to learn more and assist if possible.

Fred Macaw

Short Newsletter This Week
Patrick Webb

Please accept my apologies for a shortened newsletter this week. After the the loss of Fred, my heart isn't into it. Please do not opt out because of the newsletter being sparse this week. We will be back at it next week, with a full normal newsletter, exploring interesting wildlife articles from our allies - and news from around the wild world.

However, I will link to a very old story I wrote that is humorous and poignant. It explains how we came by Fred and how there was interaction between a bird, a beagle and a baby tiger. Keep in mind this story was written many many years ago, so the story is set in the past. Fred was the last one of the animals alive in this story, until last week.
View The Bird, The Tiger And The Beagle
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